Gloria Monti wrote:

I was quite surprised to read such a plea on Screen-L.
 And I
am not so sure I should "save" a film whose market
value amounts to
$48 million.  Maybe my energies are best directed
towards those indie
gems that die a premature death after showing for a
week at an art
house in NYC's Greenwich Village -- as Godard put it:
"in memoriam
small films."

I understand your concerns about a campaign to "save"
a  mainstream studio production--but is this a group
devoted to strictly avant-garde films alone?

I want quality films--period.  Just because an artist
(or in the case of film, a group of artists) makes a
good living producing their craft does not
automatically mean they "sold out."

When it is all said and done, I get very, very tired
with that sort of anti-mainstream reverse snobbery.

David Ezell

David Ezell
New York Law School
57 Worth Street
New York, NY
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