*Sexuality & Culture* is a quarterly interdisciplinary journal
published by Transaction Publishers at Rutgers University.  In its
fourth year of publication and in its first year as a quarterly, the
journal welcomes the submission of original manuscripts dealing with
issues relating to sexuality and culture. *Sexuality & Culture* serves
as a forum for the analysis of ethical, cultural, psychological,
social, and political issues related to sexual relationships and sexual
behavior.  These issues include -- BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: sexual consent
and sexual responsibility; sexual harassment and freedom of speech and
association; sexual privacy; censorship and pornography; impact of
the internet/film/literature on sexual relationships; and university and
governmental regulation of intimate relationships.  We welcome
critical review essays, and suggestions for books to review and
book reviewers.  Submissions are, of course, welcome from scholars
in the social sciences and humanities.  Autobiograhical essays are
also welcome.

For further information, visit the journal's web site at  or contact the Editor-in-Chief,
Dr. Barry M. Dank, at [log in to unmask]  Manuscripts should be double
spaced and should include a summary of approximately 200 words.
Citations should be in the author-year format (e.g.: Smith, 1998).
Four copies of the manuscript should be submitted to the Managing
Editor: Dr. Roberto Refinetti, Sexuality & Culture, Circadian
Rhythm Laboratory, University of South Carolina, Walterboro, SC 29488
(e-mail: [log in to unmask]).

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