I am looking for films that follow the pattern of Robert Wiene's ORLAC'S HANDS (1924) or Maurice Renard's original novel: Somebody is influenced by organs he got from a transplantation, e.g. haunted by the evil spirit of the donator. Of course, there are the "official" remakes: Mad Love, The Hands of Orlac (starring Christopher Lee), Hands of a Stranger (1962). Then there is Body Parts (1991, Jeff Fahey) and Blink (Madeline Stowe). I heard of some Italian horror films and a Tales From the Crypt-episode, as well as an episode from Carpenter/Hooper's Body Bags, but could not get a lot of information on this. I am trying to work out the influence Wiene's film had on the development of the thriller/horror genre as well as the implications/themes of this particular story: why is it so popular, what basic anxieties does it touch? Any suggestions are welcome. Klaus Bardenhagen I recently watched a really rotten film called LIFEBREATH (P.J. Posner, 1997) featuring the one and only mr sad-eyes Luke Perry. Looked like a TV movie, though. Horrid romantic story about mr. Perry looking for girl to kill, so that his dying wife can have a lung transplant. He finds a victim (a cold hearted real-estate broker), kills her and gets a cold-hearted wife. Truly awful. Ulf Dalquist Ulf Dalquist Phone: +46-(0)8-39 21 68 Petrejusv 18 Cell phone: +46-(0)739-88 17 05 121 38 Johanneshov Sweden E-mail: [log in to unmask]