At 2:12 pm 20/9/99, elena wrote:
>Dear All,
>I am trying to select titles for a program that will supplement our
>(introductory) British Cultural Studies module (weekly screening of 1
>film throughout the term, i.e. 14 weeks/films; possibly more per week).
>The students are M.A. (British Cultural Studies) students who have
>ultra-traditional English Philology background (RRL = reading, 'riting
>and linguistics). The selection I have compiled so far is limited by the
>availability of the titles in our British Council Resource library, but
>I could try and order tapes from the UK, possibly:
>""Educating Rita", "Howards End", "Letter to Brezhnev", "Quadrophenia",
>"Breaking Glass", "Room At the Top", "The Loneliness of the Long
>Distance Runner","The Krays", "The Piano", "Trainspotting", "My
>Beautiful Laundrette", "The Crying Game", "Fever Pitch", "The Full
>Monty", "Pride and Prejudice" (as marketing heritage)
>Any suggestions on- or off-list will be really very precious!

What about extending the historical scope of the films a little?
I would certainly try and include some Powell and Pressburger classics,
especially something like 'The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp' and an
Ealing Comedy or two e.g. 'Whisky Galore', 'The Ladykillers' or 'Kind
Hearts and Coronets'. For a take on romance and repression in old-style
England, you needn't look any further than 'Brief Encounter'.  Obvious
starting points perhaps, but for important reasons.
Yours aye

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