>For a piece on EYES WIDE SHUT   I would appreciate any information   hard
>or soft
>as to what Stanley Kubrick was doing personally and professionally between
>FULL METAL JACKET and EYES WIDE SHUT, a hiatus by release time of l2 years.
>I know for certain that he was laboring on his ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE
>project, about a robot child raised by human parents, in search of the mother
>who abandoned him, and that this project was in some sort of alleged
>preproduction still at the time of his death.. I've also heard about his
>ongoing interest in the Napoleon biography and another Holocaust related

You pretty much have the story right there.  You may want to stay tuned to
alt.movies.kubrick -- or query the group. According to Christiane Kubrick's
website (link available through, her oldest
daughter is a participant: "This is to confirm that Katharina Kubrick Hobbs
is a regular reader of and occasional contributor to alt.movies.kubrick"
Recently contributor Christian Heller translated a German interview with
Christiane Kubrick in DER SPIEGEL. Below is an excerpt you should find
interesting. The family is not particularly interested in talking about
Kubrick's completed films (i.e. meaning) but, from time-to-time, they seem
happy to talk about his personal side.

In short, Kubrick never stopped working. He was constantly developing
projects. He would have been bored otherwise.

SPIEGEL: How far had the plans to do a movie about the
Holocaust progressed?

Kubrick: Very far. There was a screenplay of "Lies in the Time of War"
[English title?] by Louise Begley. It was to be filmed in Bratislava
and, above all, Brno - they needed a city that looked like Warsaw
before the war. They had already received permission to close off
the city centre for a weekend and hang up Nazi flags everywhere.
But then Stanley and Warner Brothers called off the whole thing.


Kubrick: The success of "Schindler's List" was of some importance. It
would have been difficult to come out with such a subject one or two
years later. Especially since Stanley had experienced that sort of
thing already, when Oliver Stone's Vietnam movie "Platoon" came out in
1986, shortly before "Full Metal Jacket".

SPIEGEL: Did Kubrick consider other topics of the Nazi period?

Kubrick: He had so many projects. There was a period when he wanted to
make a film about Veit Harlan.

SPIEGEL: Actually, how are you, born as a Harlan, related to the
director of the propaganda film "Jud S"?

Kubrick: He's my uncle.

SPIEGEL: Did you still know him?

Kubrick: Of course. Stanley got to know Veit through me in Munich. But
Stanley wasn't only interested in him. He had liked to do a film about
the absolutely normal life under the patronage of Joseph Goebbels. But
unfortunately the whole material never fitted together as a film.

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