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to the Quick
the magazine/ journal of media and cultural analysis at Binghamton

Who says that "academic" writing can't be exciting?

to the Quick examines traditionally under-analyzed arts such as music,
film, and television, but the magazine also focuses on cultural
movements, advertising, the internet, fashion, and other areas often
considered for entertainment or practical reasons, but not for meaning.

The recent push for the creation of media literacy programs in
universities has been resisted by academics because these programs are
seen as devoid of significance. Cultural Studies has a home in the
university, though its importance as a critical field remains to be
fully accepted. Yet every day we interpret messages of countless
varieties, brought to us largely by the symbols and themes of pop
culture. Shouldn't messages which influence us greatly, as evidenced by
their sheer popularity, be talked about, argued, and analyzed? The
"experts" on such subjects-the Deadheads, Kubrick-fans, or the fashion
devoteÚs-can often discover meanings as profound as those in any work of
Columns or Responses: 125-500 words.
Essays: 750-2500 words.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: October 1st, 1999.
Query first or send complete manuscript with cover letter and brief bio.
Electronic submissions are preferred in RTF or WordPerfect format
<[log in to unmask]> but you may also mail manuscripts (hard copy
and 3.5' PC diskettes) or correspondence to our address below. Include a
self-addressed stamped envelope and enough postage if you would like
your material returned.

PO BOX 6000

Visit our web site at www.agoron.com/~matthewk/quick for more details on
submission guidelines and suggestions or to view our first issue.
Subscription and contact information is also available there.


Joe Bisz
Managing Editor

to the QUICK
English Department * PO Box 6000 * Binghamton University
Binghamton, NY 13902

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