I assume you wish to study to become a filmmaker, not a student of films
study or film theory.

If so, there is plenty of information re: film school on the internet
including,  an internet film school ( ), where one
can take classes on-line.

However, my advice would be to forgo the whole "film school" experience. If
you wish you become a filmmaker, go make films!

 I wholeheartedly endorse the apprentice system of interning, p.a.'ing, etc.
etc.  I have found that often there is much more to be said professionally
for those who have had a liberal arts education (or no college education)
and practical experience over film school "geeks." For that matter, just get
a camera and start shooting, make a lot of mistakes, and find a mentor.

Best of luck
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> Subject:      need info on film schools
> Dear readers,
>     I plan on going to a film school somewhere.  If anyone can give me
> some
> info as to where to go on the internet to get info on filmschools, where
> they're at, and what I would need to get in, please let me know.
> Thanks,
> Mike
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