. I am curious about the opinions of those
on the list who are teaching film-- is it worth the effort
to continue on?

     if you mean: am i likely to find a position teaching film
     that can allow me a decent life, the answer is obviously WHO KNOWS . . .
     it's gonna be a bit of a crapshoot . . . certainly a strong degree from a
     great institution, and a few distinguished publications, help a lot . . .
     but there  are people out there,  and on this list,. who have done very
     distinguished work and are without a real academic slot, while others who
     have achieved a lot less have nevertheless managed to land on their feet .
     . .

     moreover both the demographics of college attendance, the upcoming
     retirement of many baby boomer profs, and the new institutionalization of
     film studies, more and more OUT of english departments, may perhaps lead to
     a great increase in jobs . . . again WHO KNOWS . . .

     but if by "is it worth it"  you mean:  is it rewarding--for its own sake--
     to be engaged with these issues, then i for one would want to say, "yes,
     yes, a thousand times yes"

Online resources for film/TV studies may be found at ScreenSite