You might want to check out the following book:

_The Complete Guide to American Film Schools and Cinema and Television

by Ernest Pintoff.  It's a little older (1994), but still has a lot of good

You should definitely talk to the folks at the school and check out the
reputations once you get a list going, for example, NYU is more the
independent tradition, USC is more Hollywood, and AFI is very industry...

In the Bay Area, there's SF State and UCSC among others.

Another good question to ask is how much access to equipment will you get,
what equipment they have and what projects will you be expected to complete
(i.e. your own 16mm short or a group project short or ???)  (The book I
recommended above tells what type of equipment each school has, although
that changes fairly rapidly.)

Good luck,
If you can't be a good example,
then you'll just have to be a horrible warning.
--Catherine Aird

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