> From: "Bruce T. Ritchie" <[log in to unmask]>
> Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 18:49:08 -0400
> >Perhaps postings about eBay auctions should be allowed from Screen-L
> >subscribers ONLY.
> &
> >How about requiring AUCTION NOTICE in the subject heading?  Then if
> >someone is curious, they look; if not, they delete.
> >Veleka Gray
>         How about a combination of these two good suggestions?  Let
> members post items THEY consider appropriate, but give a tool for others
> to ignore it. After all, if you're like me you already have to weed thru
> a lot of junk mail each day. One or two more marked messages won't make
> that much difference.

Thanks for your suggestions!

Logistically, the "AUCTION NOTICE" subject heading would be difficult
to implement.  As a moderator I cannot alter subject headings and most
folks posting auction notices would not know to include this "warning"
in the subject.

LISTSERV, the clerical robot that runs Screen-L, has a capability for
filtering messages based on subject headings, but I've found it tricky
to work with.

The first suggestion could be done, but it would mean more work for
your poor moderator who'd have to do a little detective work to figger
out if the poster is subscribed or not.  (The post that prompted this
discussion was easy to figger because it came from the Screen-L
newsgroup and not from e-mail.)  Plus, a poster could subscribe to
Screen-l, post an auction notice, then immediately sign off.


Jeremy Butler
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