Please note that the recently posted call for papers for a special issue of
Spectator on the subject of film and history has no relationship to the
on-line journal, Screening the Past which is a journal of long standing and
significant reputation.

Screening the Past, the journal, has had a significant presence in the
academic world since its inception over two years ago, having an
international editorial board, being the recipient of the inaugural best
web site of the month award from a Centre at Oxford University, being
listed on at least 110 other web sites around the world, and having over
35,000 from across the globe.  The name of the book and of the journal both
come from that of a conference held at La Trobe University in Australia in
1993.  The journal may be found on the web at

With apologies for any confusion,

-Steve Anderson, Editor
 Spectator, Journal of Film and Television Criticism

Online resources for film/TV studies may be found at ScreenSite