Maureen Furniss objects:

> While I'm writing, am I the only one who doesn't CARE if Elizabeth Taylor
> is viewed as beautiful?  Or that someone's head is large?  Or that
> someone is short?  I don't think this kind of information forwards film
> scholarship.  With all due respect, I think these issues are not
> appropriate for discussion on this site.

In general, you're right (and *mea culpa* for prolonging the Great
Taylor Question).  However, the "short leading men" thread *was*
started by a question related to a research project.

In terms of the list's guiding principles, here's the relevant passage
from Jeremy's FAQ list:

"Screen-L messages should somehow relate to the *study* of film and TV,
not just the casual enjoyment of these media. This is interpreted
rather broadly. Postings to Screen-L need not be dry, didactic
treatises from which all joy has been crushed. But also, they should
not noodle on about, say, the poster's penchant for full-lipped actors."

Hence, I, for one, shall doodle no more about Ms. Taylor!

Don Larsson

Donald Larsson
Minnesota State U, Mankato
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