The Kingdom II was indeed broadcast on Cinemax last
month (among a ton of foreign films, I don't understand
why the foreign film content was so high last month)
and I taped it.  I will trade for video stuff by:

Alexander Sokurov
Jean-Daniel Pollet
Philippe Garrel
Jean Eustache
Jean-Pierre Mocky
Hou Hsiao-Hsien
Edward Yang

But just because I'm greedy doesn't mean you can't have the
videos.  I'm sure they'll be released eventually, even though
October Films took "Idiots" down with the ship.  "Dancer in
the Dark" will take over the world, mainly due to the Björk/
Deneuve star power.

Some plotlines covered in Kingdom II, don't read if you don't
want to spoil the fun..Basically, if you thought the Kingdom
was wild, this one is way over-the-top.

1. Mrs. Druse finally has a legitimate reason to stay in the Kingdom.
2. Udo Kier has some weird disease which condemns him to grow like
        a balloon until he basically dies.
3. The Haiti trip yields interesting results.
4. Drag Racing.
5. Much greater spiritual unrest.
6. A hilarious liver-grabbing scene.

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