A book such as The Celebrity Almanac by Ed Lucaire lists all kinds of facts
about celebrities, including Heights of Famous Men. (My edition is from
1991 so Mel Gibson and Tom Cruise aren't listed.) This information
comes with a warning that some celebrities always lie about their height.

According to this book, the heights of the men you mentioned (and some
extra examples) are:

Clint Eastwood  6' 4"
John Wayne      6' 4"
Harrison Ford   6' 1"
John Travolta   6'
Robert Redford  5' 10"
Paul Newman     5' 9"
Robert DeNiro   5' 9"
Al Pacino               5' 7"
Dustin Hoffman  5' 6"
Alan Ladd       5' 4 1/2"
Michael J. Fox  5' 4"
Danny De Vito   5'

Sharon Knolle

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