Dear Scott,

Thanks so much for that piece of information about the IMDB.  But can I believe
those figures for the heights of actors?  Does anyone have information about the
actual height of actual actors that conflicts with the vertical statistics in
those IMDB biographies?

Many thanks.


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Subject:  Re: Short Leading Men

The Internet Movie Database lists heights in the biography sections for
all the people they have it for.  I think Jonathan Frakes is around 6'4",
about an inch taller than me, and he seems to tower over everybody as if
he were a basketball player.  Most of the stage actors I've met in person
are a lot shorter than me, even if they look tall on stage.


On Mon, 28 Jun 1999, Krin Gabbard wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
> For a paper I'm writing, I need information about the heights of leading men
> mainstream Hollywood films.  I seem to recall a piece in Entertainment Weekly,
> Esquire, or some other such periodical that listed actors by actual height and
> then by the height claimed for them by their publicists.  Anyone know that
> article?
> More importantly, I want to say that Paul Newman, Mel Gibson, and Robert
> are all about 5'7", and that Tom Cruise and Al Pacino are about 5'4".  Do
> numbers sound right?
> Thanks for your help.
>      Krin Gabbard
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