Kubrick's death made the front page of the N.Y. Times without any photos.
Inside they devoted 1/2 page. Kurosawa's death also made the front page of
the Times, but he got a nice full color portrait + a b&w scene from "Seven
Samurai". Inside the Times gave him one full page. I'm big fans of both.A lot
 will be riding on the reaction to Kubrick's last film,but I have no doubt
that his films will always be highly regarded, loved & culted to death "till
the end of time. Also Kubrick made so few films, and Kurosawa pretty much
lived his life in film. One of my fondest Kurbrick memories was getting to
see "The Shining" at a private midnight screening, where my friend Linda
Duchin clunched my hand for the entire length of the movie, which by the way
included the original ending, which I didn't care for, and was happy to see
it cut.

Ira Joel Haber
Cinemage Books

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