Dear Colleagues,

"The Altering Eye: Contemporary International Cinema" was
published by Oxford University Press in 1983. It is a
history and analysis of European and Latin American cinema,
starting with neo-realism, and exploring the work of
Godard, the British and Italian movements of the sixties,
Cuban revolutionary cinema, Cinema Novo, and the New German
Cinema of the Seventies.

The book's print run at Oxford is over, and I have put the
complete text online. While the original text is
essentially unchanged, the online edition will be a visual
work in progress, with stills and moving images selected to
elucidate the text more accurately than a publicity still
can. Chapter One contains many of these illustrations, and
the two following chapters will have illustrations added
over time.

"The Altering Eye" is available at, and I would be
happy to hear your response to the online edition.

Thank you,
Robert Kolker

Robert Kolker
Department of English
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742
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