I'm revising my medical sociology textbook for a second edition. At the end
of each chapter, I suggest some feature films students might want to view.
I'd be very interested in any suggestions you might have for new films to
add (there's no rush). Since I don't belong to this list, I'd appreciate it
if you could send your suggestions directly to me ([log in to unmask]). The
list from the first edition follows:

Sources of illness: broad social patterns that have produced a new rise in
infectious disease (TB, AIDS, malaria), as well as the role of tobacco,
alcohol, pollution, sexual activity, working conditions, illicit drugs:
Days of wine and roses

Distribution of illness (gender, class, race patterns) in US:
Burning bed
El Norte
Norma Rae

meaning of illness: anything on genetics (science fiction, perhaps?)

Disease in less developed countries:
Salaam Bombay

Experience of illness and disability:
Absolutely Positive
My left foot
Common Threads
Long time companion

sociology of mental illness:
One flew over the cuckoo's nest

Profession of medicine:
the doctor
gross anatomy

Health care settings (hospitals, nursing homes)
Whose life is it anyway?
A woman's tale

Bioethics (right to die, human subjects research, reproductive technology):
Baby girl Scott

I had no suggestions in the first edition for chapters on other health care
providers (nurses, midwives, curanderas) or on US and foreign health care
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