Annette:My reference indicates FRAULEIN was released in 1958, and should be available on video. Suggest you try one of the on-line movie listings. One of the best fraulein/collaboration movies is A FOREIGN AFFAIR (Billy Wilder 1948), where Jean Arthur is a US congresswoman sent to Berlin to investigate immediate  WW2 postwar conditions there.  This is a typical sardonic Billy Wilder comedy, but says a great deal about fraternization. Another interesting movie is SAYONARA (Joshua Logan 1957), which deals with relationships between  US airmen stationed in Japan after World War Two and Japanese women. A number of war films deal with fraternization between occupying troops and conquered civilians (usually female), but often as sub plots to the main action. You may want to take a look at JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG
(Stanley Kramer 1961) re the Tracy/Dietrich relationship.
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> Subject: film search
> Date: Tuesday, May 18, 1999 3:04 PM
> I am in desperate search for a copy of Henry Koster's film "Fraeulein"
> (1959), which I need for research on "G.I.s and Frauleins" in film, as well
> as for a class on gender, nationality and war. If anyone could help me
> locate or acquire the title, I'd be most grateful. I would also be happy to
> receive suggestions on films which deal with these "foreign affairs".
> Annette Brauerhoch
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