_The Marriage of Maria Braun_  (Fassbinder) also deals with American G.I.s
and German Women. (How about _Befreier und Befreite_ ? by Helke Sanders)

At 12:04 PM 5/18/99 -0700, you wrote:
>I am in desperate search for a copy of Henry Koster's film "Fraeulein"
>(1959), which I need for research on "G.I.s and Frauleins" in film, as well
>as for a class on gender, nationality and war. If anyone could help me
>locate or acquire the title, I'd be most grateful. I would also be happy to
>receive suggestions on films which deal with these "foreign affairs".
>Annette Brauerhoch
>DAAD Visiting Professor
>Department of Germanic Languages
>Columbia University
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