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Date: 13 May 1999 13:58
Subject: Love Love Love/Michael Nyman

>According to the Internet Movie Database, Michael Nyman directed a film
>in 1968 called Love Love Love, edited by Peter Greenaway.  DOes anyone
>know where I could find a copy?

Michael Nyman was the musical director for quite a few films including *The
Piano*.....however I cannot find a reference to the fact that he actually
directed any films.....and there are no listings in my sources for a film of
the title that you have mentioned.

Not all of the information on the Internet Movie Database is correct so I
would double check with other sources first.....perhaps it was a movie
short....you could try looking on the AFI's web sites....if you need the web
address email me.

hope this helps,


Julia C. Rice
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