I saw the Argentine/US NO EXIT in an obscure
Chicago theater years back. It was made around
1961 by Tad Danielevsky, although I have a co-
director credit from somewhere of Pedro
Escudero. Actors were Viveca Lindfors, Rita Gam,
Morgan Greene, Ben Piazza, Susana Mayo, Elsa
Dorian, Manuel Roson, Orlando Sechar, Mario
Horner. I remember it being very stagy, in no
way like anything Welles would consent to, let
alone work on. I'd appreciate having the Spanish
title, if anyone knows it. Or any information
about Danielevsky, who is associated with the
ultimate co-production debacle, the Hindi-
English GUIDE (THE GUIDE); Vijay Anand's Hindi
version is a national classic, but the US short
form by T.D. has evidently vanished.

Carol Slingo