This is to invite you all to visit my new Korean Film Webpage, at:

With this site I hope to provide a detailed, slightly informal introduction
to the issues, people, and films that shape the contemporary film scene in
Korea.  Here you can learn about the first-ever general release of a
Japanese film in Korea; U.S. pressure to abolish Korea's screen quota
system; the rise of the Pusan International Film Festival; and the new
release "Swiri", which in only 8 weeks passed "Titanic" to become the
best-selling film in Korea's history.

For those who wish to keep abreast of new releases and issues concerning
Korean film, I also plan to send out a periodical newsletter via email.  You
can sign up for it at the site.

I have no commercial ambitions for this page; I just love Korean film and
hope to let others in on the big secret.



Darcy Paquet
Institute of Foreign Language Studies
Korea University, Seoul

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