Call for Papers: "Life is Beautiful" and its controversies

(deadline: May 11)

As part of a panel at SAMLA entitled "The Holocaust in Literature and
Film," I am soliciting papers on Roberto Begnini's "Life is Beautiful,"
this year's Oscar winner for Best Foreign Film and the subject of hot
debate in the press. I will select two papers from those submitted,
probably one in support of the film and one that attacks it.

The papers may cover any aspect of "Life is Beautiful" (including its
in the Italian cinema, its relationship to American and international
Holocaust movies, its place in Begnini's career, its two part
structure, its slapstick and verbal humor, its representation of
character and archetype, its treatment of faith, class, gender, Naziism,

etc.) but preference will be given to those which treat its
of the Holocaust, its status as a comedy or a fable, and/or its
as a cultural and aesthetic document with the greatest passion and

Please send 200-500 word abstracts to me, Raphael Shargel, at
[log in to unmask] by May 11.

Papers must occupy no more than 15 minutes of reading time. The 1999
Atlantic Modern Language Association Convention will be held at the
Regency in Atlanta, Georgia from 4-6 November. Those selected to read
must become SAMLA members by 1 July. The list of papers to be
presented is due on 15 May, so I must adhere strictly to my deadline.
Questions may be addressed to me at my e-mail address above.

Raphael Shargel

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