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Date: 22 April 1999 15:55
Subject: Re: Movie production credits

Hi Scott,

>It couldn't have been until the late sevenites.  After _Star Wars_.  There
>are a lot of uncredited cast memebers on _Star Wars_.  The bartender who
>says "We don't serve their kind in here!" is one of them.  There are a lot
>listed on the IMDb.  _Jaws_'s credits are incredibly short--much shorter
>than I would expect them to be by today's standards.

The IMDB (Independent Movie Data Base) allows people who either have
knowledge about, or were connected to, a film to add information. Therefore
if my aunty Effel.... (which incidently I don't have one) .... had told me
that she had worked as a tea lady on the film *Jaws... I would be able to
add her name to the credits myself.... even though she may not have been
truthful. I have in the past had to correct data on this site, including a
complete bibliography, although most of its data  is probably correct not
all of it is.

If you are seriously researching film credits I would suggest using the
official production, or distribution, company's web sites. A web search
should locate them easily for you, otherwise go to
http://www.filmeducation.org/index.html and press the *film buffs*
hyperlink. This will take you to hyperlinks for most of the major film

Another valuable source used to be the microsoft *Cinemania* cd roms.....
however they were withdrawn so the most recent would be Cinemania 97....
some shops still have copies....otherwise ask your friends ;-))

hope this helps,


Julia C. Rice
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