I know when Media Pl;ay was still around they had what looked like an
official release of Holy Mountain.  I think it was from TriStar, but don't
quote me.


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On Wed, 21 Apr 1999, Lang Thompson wrote:

> >Can someone suggest a venue where I can
> >acquire a copy of the film, *El Topo*.
> >Iwould like to own a copy in VHS.
> It's never been released on any video format in the US because Allen Klein,
> who holds the rights, is a real control freak and also apparently very
> difficult to deal with.  However, since this and "Holy Mountain" both aired
> on the Playboy Channel sometime in the early or mid-80s and have also been
> released on Japanese laserdisc, you can find copies from any of the
> numerous grey-area video companies that advertise in places like
> Psychotronic Video.  (E-mail privately if you need recomendations.)  The
> catch is that the Japanese version has optical fogging of, as Monty Python
> puts it, naughty bits.  There's an upcoming video release in the UK which
> won't be fogged but has been trimmed; how much and what I don't know yet.
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