There's a recent (1998) Canadian movie called REGENERATION, which deals with First World War soldiers suffering from shell shock. It features the poetry of Siegfried Sassoon, Wilfrid Owen and, I believe, Rupert Brooke. Sassoon survived the trench warfare - Owen and Brooke did not. You should also take a look at the Recent Italian movie, IL POSTINO.  POETIC JUSTICE (John Singleton 1993) features the poetry of Maya Angelou,who appears in the film.
I recall a movie on the life of the Persian poet OMAR KHAYYAM (William Dieterle 1957), played by Cornel Wilde (?!!?!), though I have no idea how much of Khayyam's poetry is featured - the film was more of a swashbuckler.
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> Subject: Re: Poetry in films.
> Date: Monday, April 12, 1999 9:51 AM
> A faculty member at our university recently requested any info on films
> that use poetry in some manner.  For example, the use of Frost in Dead
> Poets' Society; Rodney Dangerfield reciting and interpreting "Do not go
> gentle into that good night." in "Back to School."  First priority would be
> films that refer to established poetry; second priority to films which use
> "original" poetry.  Thanks in advance.
> Ron Hoffman
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