Chris Perrius requests:

> Could any one recommend films for a campus film series highlighting upward
> mobility narratives, especially those in which a working-class character
> attends college (e.g., Good Will Hunting, Educating Rita)?  We're looking
> for films about "scholarship boys" and girls, literacy acquisition, moving
> to the metropolitan center, that treat personal and cultural conflicts
> arising through upward mobility in interesting ways.

Jane Campion's ANGEL AT MY TABLE, about New Zealand writer Janet Frame,
deals with a number of issues, but the cultural context is an important

Annabella Sciorra in MR. WONDERFUL

SATURDAY'S HERO deals with the timely (in Minnesota!) issue of college
and athletics

Although it's a prep school and not a college, SCHOOL TIES deals with
similar issues.

The second film in Ray's Apu trilogy, APARJITO

Don Larsson

Donald Larsson
Minnesota State U, Mankato
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