There are also films illustrated in Pete Tombs's _Mondo Macabro_ that fit
that description.

Scott Andrew Hutchins
Oz, Monsters, Kamillions, and More!

"Colorless green ideas sleep furiously."--Noam Chomsky

On Thu, 1 Apr 1999, David McCallum wrote:

> Hmmm... your cover is described like the covers to every Pedro Almodovar film
> ever made. :)  Check out his filmography at
> Yours,
> David.
> Prince Royal wrote:
> > i forgot the name.
> >
> > I think that it has one word repeated twice, and it is about a guy and a
> > girl, etc. the front cover has a pic of the girl wrapped her legs around
> > the guy's waist. The background is sort of red, i think.
> >
> > i forgot the name, who can tell me the name?
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