>I don't remember anything about the dialogue being redubbed for the Canadian
>release.  Also, I was browsing a DVD website and noticed that there is a
>Canadian version of Trainspotting.  The features were English subtitles and
>a French audio track.

I received an e-mail from Showcase (Canadian cable channel) who says
they're showing the North American release version which means Canada got
the same (slightly) redubbed version the US did.  Admittedly, this is
pretty minor, even benign, tampering especially considering what Miramax is
capable of doing but it's somewhat amusing that they didn't change the
slang term very few Americans understand: the title.

Lang Thompson

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"The heavy bullets sounded like howitzers in
the dry, airless late-afternoon air."
from Michael Avallone's The Patridge Family

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