Kazan is still vilified because he never apologized OR showed remorse.
(Unlike, say, Sterling Hayden). He still stands by the ridiculous
"communist menace"
defense. Considering that he already won his Best Director Oscar for On the
Waterfront, he should not have been singled out for additional awards.
He's already been recognized by the Academy for his artistic merit.
My 2.

Sharon Knolle
Entertainment and Technology Writing

At 10:36 PM -0700 3/23/99, [log in to unmask] wrote:
>Paul Wiener was right that Kazan would say nothing to undo any damage.
>This would seem to indicate he is unrepentent about naming names.
>My question is why he seems a particular target for hatred by leftist
>intellectual whereas, unless I have missed something, other "friendly
>witnesses" to the hearings like Sterling Hayden, Robert Rossen and Jerome
>Robbins (to name a few) seem rarely villified in print.  Does anyone know
>if Kazan behaved considerably worse than some of the others?
>Mark Netter
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