On Fri, 12 Mar 1999, Aysen Mustafa wrote:

> Desperately seeking a video copy (PAL or NTSC) of Operation Teutonic Sword
> (Unternehmen Teutonenschwert) directed by Annelie & Andrew Thorndike, 1958.
> It is part of the DEFA Film Library housed in the University of
> Massachusetts.  I have also been referred to Icestorm Entertainment in
> Berlin but haven't had a response yet.
> My client is a judge in Australia, all costs will be taken care of. My
> direct email address is: [log in to unmask]
> Aysen Mustafa
> Australian Film Institute

Icestorm International recently opened a North American office that may be
able to help.  Here is the contact information:

78 Main St., Suite 401
Northampton, MA  01060  USA
Phone: 413 587 9334
Fax: 413 587 9305
E-mail: [log in to unmask]

Barton Byg, the director of DEFA library at the University of
Massachusetts, may also be able to assist.  His e-mail address is
<[log in to unmask]>, and the DEFA website is at
<>.  I hope this information helps.

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