Dear list,

For an essay I am writing about women and phonographs in film, I have the
following questions:

Does anyone know the name of the singer and/or song that Trudy Kochenlocker
lipsynchs to at the begining of THE MIRACLE OF MORGAN'S CREEK?  The music
Midge plays in VERTIGO? Or that Jeanne Moreau plays in THE BRIDE WORE BLACK?
The record the black daughter dances to when she dances in her room and
kicks the white lamb in IMITATION OF LIFE (1959)? Whose recroding of "South
American Way" Bette Davis listens to in IN THIS OUR LIFE? Or the specific
recording of "sensation" Marilee does her erotic dance to in WRITTEN ON THE
WIND?  These are generally not identified in credits so any help would be
appreciated.  You may email me directly: [log in to unmask] OR
[log in to unmask]

Thanks very much,

Pam Robertson Wojcik

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