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> I recall reading that Kubrick himself pulled "Clockwork" because of all the
> copycat violence that the film was causing. I also think I remember reading
> that the censors banned the film, which still can't be shown in England to
> this day. Is this true.

Kubrick used his ownership of the UK rights to keep the film out of
circulation, but it is not the subject of a BBFC ban. It was passed when
submitted to them in the early 1970s for a cinema release, and has never been
submitted in any form since.  Given that the 1984 Video Recordings Act has
happened since then (according the BBFC statutory powers of censorship for
retail video, whereas their powers in respect of cinema exhibition are
self-regulatory and have no statutory basis), it is questionable whether they
would pass it now if submitted for a video release.  As the cinema certificate
has never been revoked, it still stands, although the X would be translated to
18 under the new certificate categories, which were introduced in 1985.

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