Harvey Greenberg requests:

> Can anyone tell me the name of the doctor played by Paul Muni in THE LAST
> ANGRY MAN   also the name of the doctor played by George C Scott in THE
> HOSPITAL   also the name of the doctor who finally ends up taking care of the
> William Hurt character in THE DOCTOR   that surgeon is unmistakeably Jewish
> altho no big deal made of this   i am particularly interested in identifying
> Jewish doctors who are NOT psychiatrists  since as per a previous post  most
> Jewish cinematic doctors to date are shrinks     regarding the above questions
> looking for the names of the characters, not the actors playing them   many

Muni played Dr. Sam Abelman (opposite David Wayne's Woodrow Wilson

Scott was Dr. Herbert Bock

Hurt's character has to have a last name, but I see him referred to
only as "Jack" in a couple of listings (but the film is based on a
first-person account by Dr. Ed Rosenbaum)

Don Larsson

Donald Larsson
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