>This film (the U.S. version) was released as 'The Assassin' in Australia
>which I think is a much stronger title.

It was released as 'The Assassin' in the UK too.

>Does anyone know the purpose of title changes for different markets?

There is a British Ealing Comedy called 'Whiskey Galore'. It was released in
the US in 1948, it's title was changed to 'Tight Little Island' the reason
for this was to do with prohibition in the US at this time. A film with
Whiskey in the title was not considered acceptable. The narrative was about
a group of Islanders in Scotland who confiscated a cargo of Whiskey from a
ship that was floundering on rocks.

Sometimes title changes can be for cultural reasons.  There is also a little
known Italian film whose title when translated into English means 'I have a
secret with father' ...... for it's UK televisation (1996-97) the title was
changed to 'Mister Dog' (1995)..... the narrative was about a young girl who
thinks that her father has been reincarnated into a dog..... however the
connotations behind the original translated title could have easily become
misconstrued leaving the audience believing that it was a film about incest.


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