Kate Butler asks:

> Does anyone know the purpose of title changes for different markets?

I don't know of specific and systematic studies of that potentially
interesting issue, but to take only the example of crossing markets
between the U.S. and the U.K., changes may occur to reflect national
usage and cultural knowledge.  A clasic example is Lewis Milestone's
1933 film HALLELUJAH, I'M A BUM, which was released in the U.K. as
HALLELUJAH, I'M A TRAMP, since "bum" in Britain means "bottom" ("ass,"
"tush").  A well-known recent example that crossed the Atlantic in the
opposite direction was THE MADNESS OF KING GEORGE, originally THE
MADNESS OF GEORGE III.  According to gossip anyway, the change was made
because the distributors feared that the public would think the film
was a  (second) sequel!

Don Larsson

Donald Larsson
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