Hi Gary,

> Is any one still on the list?

Certainly so. But it seems that most of the interest in PMail has
shifted to the Windows version.

I had just about all my questions answered in the past regarding
PM for DOS - and it's humming away on my 286 at the counter of
my training center here in Namibia, regularly checking email
through my network connected via Sambar Server (which acts both
as [pop/smtp/ftp/http] Proxy and Intranet server - another cool free
application by the way, have a look at for
more info) running under Windows 95.

Ah yes, has anyone attempted to integrate SMTPOP within the
menu structure of the DOS based Pegasus Mail? That would "top it
off" for me here. I thought I've seen something in that respect a
couple of months back on the list, but it must have gone down the
"mail-drain" somewhere... ;-)

Currently I'm doing that through some simple menu system: first
call SMTPOP, return to the menu, then call PMail, answer any
mail that needs answers, return to the menu, then call SMTPOP
again. I'm sure it could be done easier...

Oh, and something else: is development of PMail for DOS planned
to be continued at some point in time? I'd just love to see the
"Identities" we have in the Windows version implemented in the
DOS version as well... ;-)

> I have been on for days now and no post have been made.

Days? Make that weeks... OK, I might exagerate a bit... ;-)

> Gary