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> Greetings list!
> First it seems many of you have the auto reply working.
> Could someone explain it?  Is a script needed?

The answer is, it depends.  Are you using Novell with Mercury?  If
so all you have to do is create the and the areply.kfs
files.  This is fully explained in the MGUIDE.

If you are not running Mercury, then you need to use a new mail
filter and then use the send a file message with the auto reply
message you want to use.  This would require that PMail is run on
a scheduled basis to process the mail.

> Q;2  I try to get program to run when writing new mail.
> In setup says run program when new mail written, it's
> a simple batch file doit.bat which will perform task.
> Has anyone used this feature?  If so how do i get a
> program to run like doit.bat when a new mail is added
> to outgoing dir. ?

Use a cron type program that scans the directory where you put the
mail in a scheduled basis and if any is found send it.  I would
need a lot more specifics on how exactly you are using PMail for
the exact command sequence.

> Thanks.
> Gary

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