There are the "obvious" films on the American civil war such as BIRTH OF A NATION (D. W. Griffith 1915), THE GENERAL ( Buster Keaton 1926), and GONE WITH THE WIND (Victor Fleming 1939). At a lesser level are films such as  SANTA FE TRAIL (Michael Curtiz 1940), supposedly about John Brown trying to free the slaves, but more of a Warner Brothers/ Errol Flynn adventure: FRIENDLY PERSUASION (William Wyler 1956) about a Quaker family dealing with the moral quandaries of the war: and THE HORSE SOLDIERS (John Ford 1959) with a cavalry slant. There are many films with a civil war background (e.g: THE BEGUILED ( Don Siegel 1971) to the obscure OPERATOR 13 (Richard Boleslawski 1934, a "poor man's GWTW"), though how much real "history" can be gleaned from most civil war films is open to question. There was also a TV miniseries called THE BLUE AND THE GRAY, which may be available on video. Anyway, good luck with your search.

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> Subject: Civil War
> Date: Tuesday, February 09, 1999 12:36 PM
> hey and hello 2 all
> I'm in middle of a project on the American Civil War. Any chance that any
> of you could give me some pointers on some good films that give background
> to the causes and events of the civil war eg "Glory", "Gettysburgh"
> (included subtitled films) thanks a heap in advance
> Dave
> (teacher from Aberystwyth)
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