?ve been unable to trace . . .

here?s what i recall?

it dates from early to mid eighties and is, i think, dutch in origin . . .

it deals with a man [a historian?] who is engaged simultaneously in two
endeavors . . . professionally he?s trying to explore the idea that
events of the ?nuit de varennes? were ultimately responsible for the
historical trajectory that led to world war one and hence to world war
two in which he lost [track of] a brother . . . simultaneously he?s
personally engaged in trying to locate his brother . . . both of these
pursuits combine in what i remember to be the powerful culmination
of the film . . .

beyond that i remember little . . . i carry a vague sense that it?s by one
the verhovens, but checking the lists of their films leads nowhere
so perhaps that?s a false memory, which suggests that there
may be other false leads in the above . . .

i?d be very grateful for any leads

thanks much

mike frank

[with apologies for duplication, since this is being cross-posted]