> DR J J JACOBS wrote:
> >
> > I'm looking for examples of films or television programmes that use
> > still photography as an aspect of their mise-en-scene, particularly
> > those that 'energise' the photograph within the temporal continuity
> > of the film (e.g. using voice-over narration).

Eyes of Laura Mars (script by John Carpenter)
Sam Fuller's Park Row (I think)
The Night they Raided Minsky's
BBCTV has just finished running a mini-series set in a photo library. It
was written by  Stephen Poliakoff, and was all about the power of images
etc to show us ourselves in the light of family history etc. It was - like
so much of Poliakoff's work - a mixture of the really interesting and the
profoundly dumb.


Richard Davies

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