Hi Jason,

I imagine you'll have seen the recent BBC2 programme
Shooting the Past.  There are scenes in which a series of
photographs are used to tell stories, though I don't think
the mise-en-scene of the piece overall is in a dialogue
with the phototgraphs.



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> I'm looking for examples of films or television programmes that use
> still photography as an aspect of their mise-en-scene, particularly
> those that 'energise' the photograph within the temporal continuity
> of the film (e.g. using voice-over narration). I'd also be grateful
> for reading suggestions ( I've looked at the Patrice
> Petro collection, FUGITIVE IMAGEs, and take Sontag, Bourdieu and
> Benjamin as read).
> Any suggestions -  from the opening of Chinatown to La Jettee! - most
> welcome.
> Jason
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Aylish Wood
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