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I have been having an extremely frustrating experience with my publisher
and I wonder if anyone has had similar experience.

TRENCHES was put out by Peterson's Publishing this past Sept.  My
co-author and I have received promise after promise that the book will be
promoted; however, nothing has been done to date.  Considering it's one of
the first books completely targeted towards preparing and training
students to be the best media interns possible, it doesn't seem like that
hard of a sell.  According to our research, it is one of the only books
that takes students through the entire internship process, from deciding
on an intern home to what to do when the internships over.

We have done our own promoting, the forward was written by the VP of MTV,
 the book was just featured on E.T. this
weekend, and it will be on CNN Bookshelf in a couple of weeks, but it
almost feels as if the publisher is trying to make the book unsuccessful.
Review copies have not been sent out when requested, phone calls aren't
returned, and there's just an extreme sense of uncooperation.

The book has received great reviews.  Several network programs have made
it mandatory reading for their interns, and I've received some great
letters from professors and interns who have had great success with the
book.  But, none-the-less the publisher's efforts have been extremely
lacking.  It really feels as if the publisher doesn't want to sell books.

I know being new to this publishing world there might be a reason for the
publishers actions that I just don't understand.

If you don't have time to respnd to thsi e-mail of course I understand,
but if you can offer any advice it will be greatly appreciated.

Jason T Siegel

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