Try "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" where the main character (played by Gregory
Peck) lives at the end, rather than dies, as in the Hemingway original.
Jesse Kalin
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>I am doing research on HOllywood film endings.  Specifically, I
>am looking for suggestions of endings that warrant a second llok.
>I would appreciate any information on
>1. films endings which were dramatically changed in adapting a
>book or stage play to the screen (like the recent
>Scarlett Letter)
>2. unusual end credit sequences (films in which
>the end credits are spoken, films which include outtakes in the
>ending) or anything else out fo the ordinary.
>3. any films which had alternative endings  (i.e. Fatal
>Attraction, etc.)
>Thanks in advance for your assitance.
>Stephen Tropiano
>Ithaca College
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