Royal weddings were a favourite subject of British newsreels from the First
World War right through to the late 1960s.  The British Universities Film and
Video Council publishes a set of microfiches which lists the contents of every
issue of the five national newsreels (not a detailed shotlist, but the title of
each "story"); this might be a good place to start.

But if you'd like a couple of off-the-wall feature film examples...

DIE NIEBELUNGEN (Germany 1924, dir. Fritz Lang)
Kriemhild's wedding to Siegfried, in which Brunnhilde sulks in the background
plotting the latter's death

UN CHAPEAU DE PAILLE D'ITALIE (France 1927, dir. Rene Clair)
A wedding which degenerates into chaos after the groom is implicated in a
scandal (including a sequence in which a bridesmaid slams a piano lid down on
its incumbent)

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