Alan Rudolph worked with Altman for many years:  he was an
assistant director or 2nd AD on _Nashville_, _California
Split_ and _The Long Goodbye_.

Ruldolph generally cowrites his own scripts, and I assume
they're his ideas as well.

Edward R. O'Neill
Visiting Lecturer
USC School of Cinema-Television

wen minkoff wrote:
> Hi all,
> A question for your collective genius...
> I'm TAing a class on Kubrick and Altman and a student wants the names of
> any auteurs (using the term pretty loosely) who are/were somehow linked to
> Kubrick or Altman (thematically, stylistically, or via working with them at
> some point).
> Here's the catch:  She's looking for a filmmaker who: directed, wrote the
> screenplay, *and* came up with the original concept.  The original concept
> part is what she's most interested in.
> This is for her final paper, btw.
> Thanks!
> Wen
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