Would Alan Rudolph count?  If I remember correctly he was a protege of
Altman's.  Though Neil LaBute isn't directly connected to Kubrick, he's
been very vocal about his admiration for Kubrick and how much he's derived
from Kubrick's approach.  (I've also heard that Kevin Brownlow made "It
Happened Here" with film--raw or exposed isn't clear--left over from "Dr.
Strangelove" that Kubrick gave to him.  However, I haven't been able to
find any confirmation of this; does anybody else know anything?)


>I'm TAing a class on Kubrick and Altman and a student wants the names of
>any auteurs (using the term pretty loosely) who are/were somehow linked to
>Kubrick or Altman (thematically, stylistically, or via working with them at
>some point).
>Here's the catch:  She's looking for a filmmaker who: directed, wrote the
>screenplay, *and* came up with the original concept.  The original concept
>part is what she's most interested in.
Lang Thompson

"Goethe once proposed that a museum of the
inauthentic be created in Rome, in which plaster
casts of all the antiquities that had been
discovered could be displayed." - Moatti, Search
for Ancient Rome

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