The series "Early Russian Cinema" is a ten volume set produced by
Milestone Film & Video.  The tape lengths vary from 45 to 90 minutes each.
Upon playback the tapes appear to be Macrovision protected, but I suspect
that the quality of the tape is very poor.  The movies included in the
series are fantastic for film buffs or for those interested in Russian
cultural history.  The library at the University of Oregon owns the series
in NTSC.  Here is the info for Milestone:
Milestone Film & Video
275 West 96th Street, Suite 28C
New York, NY 10025
Fax  (212)222-8952

Andy Kirkpatrick
University of Oregon
Media Services

>I saw a listing for a ten volume video series with this title; I believe
>it's of British origin (it's in PAL).  Has anybody seen it or know anything
>about them?
>Lang Thompson

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