The best way to answer your query is to quote from John Baxter's 1994 biography, simply titled FELLINI. "Fellini's communication skills were tested severely on LA STRADA since neither he nor Masina spoke much English and Basehart and Quinn no Italian. Everyone played in his or her own language and Fellini worked in gesture and mime."  The copy of La Strada in my own video collection is in Italian with English subtitles, and it is quite obvious that Quinn is not speaking Italian and  has been dubbed.  With Quinn and Basehart playing major roles, it may be preferable to go with an English language version (assuming one is available), though I have no problem with the subtitled version.
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> Subject: Quo Vadis La Strada--Dubbed or Subtitled?
> Date: Tuesday, January 19, 1999 2:02 PM
> In showing my classes "foreign film" videos I always choose subtitled
> versions.  However, I need some advice concerning Fellini's La Strada.  As
> I understand it, the film was made with a cast speaking both Italian and
> English, e.g. Masina--Italian, Basehart--English.  What about Quinn?  Is he
> speaking English or Italian.  The problem I face is that if Quinn is
> speaking English and the Italian version of the film is dubbing the
> Italian, and further, since Masina speaks very little throughout the film
> (her great performance being essentially mime), then the majority of the
> dialogue is in English, and it would make sense to use the dubbed-in
> English version rather than the subtitled one.
> I would appreciate any help in this matter.  Thanks in advance.
> Ron Hoffman
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